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Equinox - Day 9 SDE & Minor ESI Outage Planned

Hey everyone!   Quick update - a small patch is scheduled for tomorrow (20 June 2024). Consequently, we'll follow up with a new SDE deployment, which should be completed around 1500 UTC and available on shortly after.   There will also be a minor outage on ESI - it will be disabled prior to downtime at about 10:55 UTC, and service should resume at 11:30 UTC. We're working on a few databases and wanted to ensure minimal impact during that time.   Thank you all! o7 read more


New SDE Published - Equinox D1 - V22.01

Hey folks!   Quick update - today's patch saw a bundle of updates to static data, so we saw fit to rerun another SDE ahead of next week's initially planned deployment.   We'll still deploy one around Tuesday/Thursday next week, but we just wanted to run a new one to encompass today's changes.   It is available over on now!   o7 read more


Updates for Equinox – Developers Edition

Our wonderful developer community, EVE Onlines' next expansion, Equinox, is here! Let's dive straight into it. SDE Update: We mentioned in the last update that we planned on making a few changes to the SDE; the first iteration of that arrives with this expansion: All yaml files now stick to a firm 2-space indent. [The inconsistency between 2 and 4 was angering CCP Stroopwaffel, so this has been adjusted] The Korean localization (ko) was missing for types, groups, and categories, which are now included. ... read more