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ESI Universe Names ID Range Update

Team Tech Co | 2017-10-02 14:52

Greetings developer capsuleers,

Team Tech Co. previously blogged about a set of range checks that we placed on /universe/names/ and /characters/affiliation/ that made these ESI endpoints return blanket 404s for the range of IDs encompassing Dust characters and legacy EVE characters and corporations. As of today, with the enabling of error limiting, we have now removed these range checks.

This means that any 404s you get from /universe/names/ and /characters/affiliation/ will be legitimate 404s. Remember that given a set of IDs if any of those IDs are not valid you will get a 404 even if some of the other IDs in the set are valid.

As always, you can come talk to us in the tweetfleet slack (use this link to join) in the #esi channel if you have further questions.

-Team Tech Co.