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December 2014 third-party developer update

CCP FoxFour | 2014-12-09 15:20 | Comments
char/CharacterSheet Attribute Enhancers Back in this dev blog we announced a change to the way the API returns implants. We also announced that the attributeEnhancers element was being deprecated  and would be removed come December. The actual message returned in the API said December 1st. The code has now been submitted to remove this element and will be deployed on December 9th with Rhea. Clone Grades First let’s talk about some small changes to the XML API for Rhea on December 9th. With the removal of clone grades in Rhea, the char/CharacterSheet endpoint contains a few elements that are now irrelevant. They are as follows: 164 Clone Grade Alpha 0 As with the change to implants in the character sheet in this dev blog, we will be assuming consumers of the API cannot handle elements they ... read more