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Read/Write of saved fits now on Sisi!

CCP FoxFour | 2015-10-14 13:20 | Comments
HOLY BATMAN IT'S HAPPENING! I think... assuming this testing goes well it will happen. Right now you can go and create a CREST application for SisiĀ and request the scopes for fitting (characterFittingRead and characterFittingWrite). Upon requesting those scopes you can begin having people log into your site/application with those scopes at which point you should have authorization tokens that work for reading and writing saved fits. Here is how you go about using them. If you follow CREST links from the root to the fittings resource you should go along the path of root -> decode -> character -> fittings. Doing a GET on the character resource should get you results similar to the following: { "totalCount_str": "1", "items": [ { "description": "THIS IS A TEST ... read more

A note on CREST rate limits

CCP FoxFour | 2015-10-13 21:18 | Comments
Hey people, Just a heads up. The rate limit for public CREST was previously increased, and all the market details are available there. If you are currently scraping market details from authed CREST I would ask that you start doing it from public CREST instead. Public CREST should be faster and fail less often due to how we load balance the requests. Additionally, authed CREST will have its rate limit reduced in the next few weeks. Public CREST rate limit: 150 requests a second Authed CREST rate limit (to be implemented in a few weeks): 20 requests a second Any questions, let us know, CCP FoxFour read more