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SSO Endpoint Deprecations

CCP Convict | 2021-10-07 13:06
Hi developer friends! We'd like to inform you of upcoming SSO changes which might affect your application if you are developing 3rd party apps using ESI or using the EVE SSO for user authentication. We'll be making the following changes on November 1st 2021. Deprecating obsolete endpoints The old OAuth endpoints oauth/authorize, oauth/token and oauth/verify will be deprecated. You should move your application over to v2/oauth/authorize and v2/oauth/token instead. The oauth/verify endpoint will also be deprecated, since the v2 endpoints return a JWT token, enabling your applications to validate the JWT tokens without having to make a request to the SSO for each token. Applications can fetch the required EVE SSO metadata from to be able to validate JWT token signatures client-side. The deprecated endpoints might be removed at any given time ... read more