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Third party dev roundtable at Evesterdam

CCP Guard | 2019-03-18 16:53
Greetings spaceship developers! As you may already know, CCP is taking Fanfest on the road this year with the EVE Invasion World Tour. On March 23-24 CCP will be joining forces with Evesterdam to bring you beer, spaceships, presentations and more in the Compagnietheater at the heart of Amsterdam. We will be hosting a third-party development roundtable with the theme:  "What do you need from the API to make your dream project a reality?" CCP Bartender and CCP Fozzie will be at the roundtable to discuss both the technical, and gameplay implications the API has. We want to hear what you have done, what you are currently working on, and what you might do in the future with the EVE API. UPDATE: The roundtable will be streamed live at 15:30 UTC (EVE time) on Saturday, March 23rd and we'll ... read more