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Changes Coming To The EVE Online ImageSet

Team TriLambda | 2018-09-10 13:59
For every new EVE Online release, the Audio and Graphics Group delivers the ImageSet: a collection of graphic files available for use by the community. The ImageSet changes as assets, icons, and brackets are modified, as well as when the tools we use to create those images improve. Through the August release, incorporating those improvements has not required any changes to nomenclature of existing files within the ImageSet itself. This will change with the September release. Due to a series of fixes, the ImageSet Bracket folder will be dramatically modified to include brackets in use in the client while older unused brackets will be removed. Almost all previously existing icons will have new names, the number of icons in the folder will increase from 19 to 222, and we will begin to provide ship bracket icons in both 16x16 and 32x32 pixel ... read more