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Breaking changes and you - How to use alt-routes to enhance your sanity

CCP Bartender | 2017-02-01 14:19
Afternoon developers! We've mentioned it before, but I'd like to give everyone a clear best-practices guide to how to use alt-routes in ESI to maintain application stability against a constantly evolving API. Schedule of breaking changes Before I get into that though, we previously said we'd be updating a forum thread with all planned breaking changes to ESI. That's turned out to be a bad solution to letting you all know when we're planning to change stuff. It's hard for you to read at a glance, and it's totally outside the tools we use day-to-day to develop ESI. We've moved this information to the ESI deployment timeline, here: The timeline shows the deployment of totally new routes, but it also shows the deployment of routes that are going to have breaking changes. Consider the following screenshot: ... read more