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V4 of ESI public character information to be removed on 21.10.2021

CCP Convict | 2021-09-29 00:00
On 30 July 2020 in the ESI changelog we announced the deprecation of v4 version characters/{character_id}  ESI route on 15 September and subsequent removal on 21 September. Unfortunately we still see heavy traffic hitting that route which as of now has legacy status. Accordingly we've decided to postpone the (admittedly quite abrupt) removal. Its been rescheduled and now it will happen on 21st October 2021.  Please spread that information if you know any developer that might not follow changelog and/or Tweetfleet. read more

ESI Step by Step - SSO to Authenticated Calls

Team Tech Co | 2021-09-27 13:15
This blog post is part of a series of blogs examining best practices for ESI development. Each blog will be published on the 8th of each month during the journey towards XML API and CREST’s termination date. The legacy APIs will be terminated on May 8th, 2018, or earlier if metrics signal a trivial level of usage. Deprecated Information The information presented on this page is depreciated. Please see for up-to-date information. Last month, we talked about auto generating a client library for ESI using Swagger Codegen. This month we will expand on this by stepping through the SSO authentication flow and using that authentication to make a call to the ESI endpoint /characters/{character_id}/standings. Typically, one would set up a server to handle most of this process, but today we're ... read more