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ESI Chat Channel Deprecation

Team Tech Co | 2018-04-27 15:10
ESI Chat Channel Deprecation Ever since EVE's new chat backend was released on March 20th the ESI route /v1/characters/{character_id}/chat_channels/ has been returning stale data. It has been decided to officially deprecate this route, meaning that it will be labelled as "legacy" and start returning deprecation headers. This endpoint will then be removed completely on May 18th, 2018. When will chat channel functionality be returning to ESI? At this point in time there is no ETA on the return of chat functionality in ESI or even what form it will take. All that is known is that it will look radically different than it did with /v1/characters/{character_id}/chat_channels/. You can be sure that once we know what the future of EVE chat will look like for third party developers that it will be announced here on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled! ... read more

ESI March News

CCP Falcon | 2018-04-09 09:26
This blog post is part of a series of blogs examining best practices for ESI development. Each blog will be published on the 8th of each month during the journey towards XML API and CREST’s termination date. The legacy APIs will be terminated on May 8th, 2018. March has been a busy month for ESI so this blog will cover all the ESI news relevant to third party developers from the previous month. A/B Testing As some of you may know if you follow our twitter or participate in the #esi slack channel, ESI began proxying a percentage of requests from its current cloud provider (Google Cloud) to its new cloud provider (Amazon AWS) on March 27th. The decision to migrate to AWS through means of A/B testing was ... read more