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ESI Mail Scopes Are Now Released

CCP Bartender | 2017-01-24 17:57
Greetings developers! Team Tech Co. is pleased to announce that all mails scopes (esi-mail.organize_mail.v1, esi-mail.read_mail.v1, and esi-mail.send_mail.v1) have now been released and are available for general use. We're excited to see what everyone does with them! (Thunderbird plugin, I want to believe!) However, I'd like to drop a quick reminder about section 2.3 of the EVE developer license agreement: 'Developer acknowledges and agrees that no Application shall be used [...] (b) as a means of phishing or spamming' Our third party developers have great judgement when it comes to these types of issues, but I wish to make it clear that one of our key indicators of "spam" will be "whether other people think you are sending spam". Applications that create work for our GM's by sending large volumes of unwanted mail (thus prompting people to create tickets asking us to ... read more