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Image Server CDN changes

CCP FoxFour | 2015-07-21 15:29 | Comments
Hey people, Just a quick heads up about a change with the image server. We've previously had a CDN in front of the image server (, but it never supported HTTPS. Due to this we previously recommended that people use the origin image server ( as it supports HTTPS. We are currently in the process of changing CDN providers, and one of the results of this change is that we have a new CDN in front of the image server that supports HTTPS. We are therefore now recommending that everyone switch their image server links to use the following address: If you encounter any problems with this please let us know. CCP FoxFour read more

Contact Labels Now Available via API

CCP Tellus | 2015-07-13 14:51 | Comments
Along with the Aegis Sovereignty release, the char/ContactList.xml.aspx and corp/ContactList.xml.aspx endpoints on the XML API have been updated to include your contact labels. The rowsets "contactLabels", "corporateContactLabels", and "allianceContactLabels" have been added, each with the columns "labelID" and "name". The column "labelMask" has been added to the existing rowsets. LabelMask is a bitmask of the labelIDs indicating which labels have been assigned to each respective contact, or zero if the contact has no labels. Example XML 2015-07-13 12:23:12 ... read more

Adding Bookmarks to the API

CCP Tellus | 2015-07-13 14:44 | Comments
Dear fans of bookmarks, I bring good tidings. A new endpoint to the XML API is to be deployed with the Aegis Sovereignty release. So without further ado, here are the details. Bookmarks! Your personal and corporation bookmarks are exposed through the new endpoints char/Bookmarks.xml.aspx and corp/Bookmarks.xml.aspx respectively. Information such as name, location, creator, and creation time are exposed. For your own security and safety in space, new access masks are required for access to these endpoints. None of your existing API keys will have access to these endpoints without first updating them and explicitly granting access to bookmarks. The new access masks are 268435456 for character and account API keys, and 67108864 for corporation keys. Very important disclaimer! Due to the sensitive nature of this endpoint, CCP reserves the right to remove or modify this endpoint at any ... read more

Alliance Contract Items Fix

CCP Tellus | 2015-07-10 11:01 | Comments
Good news everyone! We have deployed to Tranquility a fix for a long-standing bug in the XML API where alliance contracts were showing up in corp/Contracts.xml.aspx, but were not queryable via corp/ContractItems.xml.aspx. With this fix deployed, you will now be able to query alliance contracts via corp/ContractItems.xml.aspx! ~~ CCP Tellus read more

Coordinates in Outpost List

CCP Tellus | 2015-07-08 15:03 | Comments
Hey guys, we've got another spicy little change has been deployed to the XML API on Tranquility. The eve/ConquerableStationList.xml.aspx and corp/OutpostList.xml.aspx endpoints have had three new attributes added to them: x, y, and z. These are the in-space coordinates of the respective stations. Here's an example output from corp/OutpostList.xml.aspx: 2015-07-08 14:45:21 2015-07-08 14:46:21 Your imaginary friend, CCP Tellus read more

Aegis Sovereignty API Changes

CCP FoxFour | 2015-07-07 11:05 | Comments
With just under a week to go before the new Sovereignty system hits Tranquility it's probably time that we start getting you information on the APIs we will be deploying to support it. So without further rambling, here’s the details. Structures All of the new APIs are in CREST and the first resource to look at is the SovStructures resource. This lists every structure in New Eden that is contributing to sovereignty be it a TCU, IHub, or a station. This is completely public information that will be available from within the client and so we are also making available via public CREST to everyone. Here is how it looks in the client: Via the client you can show info on any solar system in the game to get details about the structures ... read more

Minor change to Locations.xml.aspx

CCP Tellus | 2015-07-02 15:18 | Comments
We have deployed a small change to the Locations.xml.aspx endpoint to Tranquility. It will no longer give a 135 error when some of the itemIDs being queried are invalid or not owned by the keyholder, instead those itemIDs are simply not included in the resulting rowset. This also implies that you may very well get an empty rowset now. This change applies to both the character and corporation variants of this endpoint. Have a nice day, courtesy of CCP Tellus! read more