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Error Rate Limiting Imminent

Team Tech Co | 2017-08-29 18:06
Space developers, We'd like to bring to your attention a feature coming to ESI very soon™ which may impact your application, depending on your use case. As you all know, ESI does not have any rate limits. This is great for pulling down large quantities of data over a short period of time, and is something that we work hard to ensure we can keep in place. Generally speaking, we're keen to support all use cases for ESI, so long as they do not impact its use for anyone else or the performance of the EVE cluster. In pursuit of this, we are soon going to add error limits. It's generally more expensive to complete a failed request than it is a successful one due to extra logging and/or exception capturing. Additionally, it's very common for us to see applications hit runaway ... read more

/universe/names Breaking Update

Team Tech Co | 2017-08-25 15:17
Hi all, As you know, the /universe/names/ endpoint was taken offline last week. This action was taken due to a new traffic profile to this endpoint that was causing disproportionate load on the database. It turns out this has been a lurking flaw in the endpoint since it was released, and it's just not been used this way until now. Tech Co is developing technology to help the EVE server defend itself better against unforeseen load issues like this without requiring rate limits, but that technology is at least 4 weeks away from being ready. We will be releasing a blog explaining how this system will work closer to the deployment date. Over the last week, we've been working the problem to find a way to bring this endpoint back earlier than that ... read more

ESI Outage: 2017-08-18

CCP Logibro | 2017-08-22 17:58
Hi all UPDATE: The issue with the locations and wallet endpoints has been resolved, and those endpoints are now online again. ESI had a general outage yesterday between 14:15UTC and 21:00UTC. The locations and wallet endpoints remain offline to triage the underlying issue, which has been identified but requires further investigation. They will remain offline over the weekend. The endpoint /universe/names has also been offlined due to to an unrelated issue. None of these endpoints are deprecated. All will be returning ASAP, once the issues have been resolved. As always, we are available to discuss the situtation in the #esi channel of the tweetfleet slack. More as it happens, Team Tech co. read more

Setting up and Running esi-swagger-ui: ESI's Newly Open Sourced Front End

CCP Zoetrope | 2017-08-08 14:20
This blog post is part of a series of blogs examining best practices for ESI development. Each blog will be published on the 8th of each month during the journey towards XML API and CREST’s termination date. The legacy APIs will be terminated on May 8th, 2018, or earlier if metrics signal a trivial level of usage. On July 11th, Team Tech Co open sourced the repository behind ESI's user interface: esi-swagger-ui. In doing so, we wanted to provide a way to the community to have documentation available offline as well as giving the community a chance to contribute and make ESI better looking and easier to use. esi-swagger-ui is a fork of the official swagger-ui project and is built on version 3 of that project. At the time of this writing, the default view for ESI is still ... read more