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YC118.8 CREST Features

CCP Bartender | 2016-09-02 17:22
Greetings all! There are some new and resurrected features coming to CREST in the YC118.8 release. New remote client UI feature: open mail template Resource: /characters//ui/openwindow/newmail/ As part of our ongoing work on smoothing the transition away from the IGB removal, the /characters//ui/openwindow/newmail/ resource has been added. This POST resource will take a subject and body, and optionally a list of recipients, and open a pre-filled mail window on the client, ready for the user to hit send. There are a few caveats due to idiosyncrasies in the eve mail system: Corporations, alliances and mailing lists are all types of mailing groups. You may only send to one mailing group, at a time, so you may either fill out the corporationOrAllianceRecipient field, or the toMailingListId field, but not both. You may ... read more